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'I Wish I'd Known' is a phrase born out of the first book published by Julie Cwir. It is a book of stories and advice centered on what parents wish they knew about the cleft journey.

Julie Cwir is now an experienced self-published author. With a foreword by Dr Andrew Ordon, her first book has been an invaluable resource to the cleft community. She has since seen success branching out into children's books. Julie loves to take her ideas and see them in print to share with others. She revels in each phase of the publishing journey. From beginning to end, she takes charge of creating, editing, design, and marketing.

At home, music and songwriting is her jam. She loves playing around with her 3 young boys, telling them adventurous bedtime stories and singing them to sleep.


"All the stories are so inspiring and helpful in a way I could not describe."
"Amazing book that I highly recommend for any cleft parent! So comforting to read people's amazing stories and powerful messages, so comforting and makes me feel so much more positive."
"Highly recommend, inspirational and educational all in one!"
"Absolutely beautiful. This book is filled with inspiring stories of the most incredible CLEFTSTRONG superheroes. A must have for anyone who has a sweet child born with a cleft, or for anyone who’d like to be enlightened, for that matter!"
"Fantastic Book!"
"This is an incredible book for families affected by cleft lip and palate because it shows we are not alone."
"I cried when I read it to my son who was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. Such a beautiful and sweet book guaranteed to raise confidence in young children."
"Really cute book ❤️"
"I cried like a baby reading this. I can’t wait to read it to my son to help him understand his cleft journey."